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Does Your Trade Show Exhibit Need Banner Stands?

There may have been a time when a table and chair and a stack of flyers would be enough to attract qualified prospects at a trade show, but that is certainly not the case today. Getting noticed in today’s highly competitive market requires using every asset and tool available to build brand recognition, industry respect, and market share. To make the most out of a trade show experience, it is critical to plan, train, brainstorm, and invest in high quality people and presentation materials, including banner stands. Anything less and your company will be hidden from view, all opportunities lost.

Planning A Successful Event

Planning for a successful event takes months. The first step is to identify measurable goals for a particular event and ensure that the event is right for the company. Goals can be measured in terms of sales, qualified contacts, or improved visibility and branding. After identifying the goals, it is critical to train personnel attending the event to provide a clear, convincing message about the goods or services being offered. Finally, it is important to work with a qualified design team to convey a commanding position with display materials and banner stands that attract qualified prospects and beneficial associates while discouraging unprofitable interactions. Most firms do not have staff members trained in these skills, so it is beneficial to consult with experienced professionals who already know what works and what doesn’t.

What Are Banner Stands?

Banner stands were once solely used to hang images. Today’s products are light-years away from that day, with integrated systems that incorporate shelving, curved, retractable graphics, workstations, and other media outlets. At the most basic level, these marketing tools provide the framework and backdrop that supports a display. The better a booth looks, the more likely you are to meet the people who will most benefit the company, whether they are customers, suppliers, or innovators in the field.

Attracting Beneficial Contacts

Banner stands can provide impressive interactive displays that inform attendees of exactly what the company has to offer. This avoids wasting time and effort on interactions that produce no results. Shelving areas integrated into the display provide space for samples, product literature and interactive workstations. These workstations can be used to show product videos, collect contact information, and provide attendees with fun games and contests geared toward establishing productive business relationships.

Do I Have To Buy?

Buying trade show equipment takes careful consideration. What will you do with everything while not attending events? What will it cost to repair and/or maintain a display to keep it looking its best? Who will handle problems as they arise? If you’re not prepared for these responsibilities, plan to work with a well established expert in the field to design the best display for your brand and then rent the equipment. No storage fees. No maintenance costs. No headaches.

Get the most out of a trade show with pre-event planning, banner stands and a clear company message. If you’re not ready to commit, enjoy the freedom of trade show rentals.