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Is Advertising on Facebook Free? Things You Should Know About Your Business Online

It is no secret that Facebook is the most popular and largest social networking site these days. As such, it’s a no brainer to advertise in such a very well-liked website that grabs the most traffic of all websites, next only to Google. For any business, company, or organization hoping to get exposure from potential clients, customers, buyers, or even just visitors, there’s really no argument when it comes whether or not they need to advertise on Facebook. But for some, online marketing and advertising usually correspond to paying for services. So the first question would be: is advertising on Facebook free? Gladly and fortunately for all of us, it is in fact free!

But then again, it must be pointed out that Facebook actually offers two kinds of advertising: free and with a cost. What’s the difference, then? Let’s find out by reading on.

Creating a Business Profile

In order to effectively advertise in Facebook, you are required to create and build your own business profile aside from the personal profile that you may already have. Obviously, the personal profile serves as your personal page where you find friends, add them and then communicate with them in a friendly and wholesome manner. However, there’s another part of the social networking site that many of us are not aware of and this is the separate business page. With it, you can market and advertise your company or business for free. But the process is quite simple. All you have to do is produce a company logo and photos of products and services you are offering. You can as well create videos. You then create a business profile and put in the stuff without any payments or fees.

“Like” the Business

One of the greatest advantages of linking and connecting your newly created business page to your own Facebook personal profile is that you can conveniently import and use your contacts. You can ask them to “like” your business page. When people become fans of your business page, they can also make and post comments and in no time, you get significant buildup in traffic.

Good Quality Content

You must be reminded though that a fan page must contain substantial and useful information in order for people to be encouraged in visiting the page repeatedly. Good content includes sufficient information that is well-written, videos, photos, and more. However, keep in mind as well to avoid hard-selling. Don’t project a kind of image wherein you look like you’re desperate enough to sell your products or services. The point is keeping your business page very interesting and fun.

So is advertising on Facebook free? It’s a resounding yes! You see, there are a lot of other ways to be able to effectively advertise and in the process succeed in your online business. But be sure you’re going to try out Facebook considering the well established fact that it is by far one of the most effective tools in grabbing attention and interest.