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Make Things Easy for Your Customers

I have three complaints and three suggestions in regard to ways you can improve customer service quality.

One: I am sick and tired of struggling with badly designed order forms that ask me to write my credit card number in tiny little boxes.

Two: I’m tired of getting forms from companies asking me to provide information the company already has.

Three: I’m fed up with firms that say, “For more information visit our website,” without giving me the specific URL that takes me directly to the page I need.

It’s time for every company and every worker to wake up and realize that making things easy for your customers is a winning strategy in business (and in life). Improve customer service quality and you will improve your business.

Here are some tactics that will help you improve customer service quality:

One: Review every point of contact your customer encounters. Ask yourself, “How can we make this easier, more pleasurable or more convenient?” When you find something that can be improved, do it to improve customer service quality.

Two: Any time you want your customer to apply, renew, order or confirm anything, do everything you can to pre-fill the appropriate information. If you already know their address, put it on the form. If you already have their serial number, print it on the card. If you already have their account information, put it in the appropriate boxes, fields or spaces. This will improve customer service quality for the better.

Three: When you refer customers to your website, send them to the exact page whenever you can. Taking a moment to provide the correct URL shows respect for their time and increases the likelihood they will actually click through and find what they seek.