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Creativity’s Role in High-Performance Organizations

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” -Henry Ford

Think of the most creative and innovative organizations you know. These same companies are the most high-performing organizations in the world. So what’s the connection between creativity and performance?

It comes from staying ahead of what everyone else is doing. These businesses do things differently and they do it better. So the only way to get better is to do things differently than others.

Challenging Your Beliefs and Assumptions

Your creative thinking requires you to challenge your preconceptions and assumptions by asking questions. Those who work creatively in high-performance organizations ask unique thought-provoking questions in order to go beyond re-framing the problem into manageable small pieces to work with.

Communicating with Employees

Recognize that creative and critical thinking are two sides of the same coin. Everyone is a communicator who needs to transmit ideas clearly and efficiently in a variety of media. Communicate frequently, talk and listen in equal measure, engage in frequent informal communication and explore for ideas and information.

By communicating well with employees, leaders of high-performing organizations work with employees with regard to the work that is given. High-performing organizations have a commitment to employee communication where they explain the why of doing things and the commit to being persistent in achieving the outcomes they are looking for.

Leaders need to understand their employees in order to understand how employees generate ideas to solve the problematic situation they are assigned.

Always Being on the Cutting Edge

Staying ahead of your competition can be challenging. By starting this way, a handful of businesses end up on top because of the different ways you create and produce the products and services that help move you forward beyond your expectation.

By unlocking the power of creativity for cutting edge innovation puts you in a better position to try different ways in getting things done. Creativity is the essence allows you to do something new which never existed before. Creating better ways than before gives you the opportunity to produce the things consumers want.

High performance innovation teams bridge any shift of their mindset for understand different perspectives in how to solve what they are given.

Businesses face difficult challenges every day. How your organization meets these problems, challenges and difficulties determines how well your organization is doing and how well your employees are developed to exceed in finding the solution to these situations.

“The things we fear most in organizations – fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances – are the primary sources of creativity.”– Margaret J. Wheatley

Creativity Readiness

Are you ready to engage your employees to be creative and innovative for generating ideas for producing high level breakthrough results? Even with inspiring and motivating your employees, as leader you need to develop employees for working within teams in order to be more productive than they may expect.

Encouraging your employees to use their creative thinking skills does welcome them to put some fun into what they do. Your employees need to have the right attitude for becoming habits that become patterns to help them be more relaxed while achieving higher level performance. Some employees may not be used to the unconventional ways to reach greater goals than they have previously. This is where the leader needs to prepare employees for doing things differently and get greater breakthrough results.

“Some people have better ideas than others; some are smarter or more experienced or more creative. But everyone should be heard and respected.” -Jack Welch

How are you doing things differently to get better?

To succeed in the 21st century every organization has to be a creative organization.

Are you ready?