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Speed Profit – Can You Make Money Faster?

Can you make money faster? Can you double your income in less time? Can you explode your profits in the next few months?

The answer is YES!

In today’s market business success is highly dependent on your speed – How fast you can implement your ideas and create results. This means that you can easily make more money faster… by moving faster.

Let me explain.

As you already know, the world is becoming faster. Every minute a new technology is introduced in the market. And all these technologies make processes easier and faster, producing faster results. Just think back to the time when there are no fax machines, it took days to mail a letter. And if you were mailing someone overseas, it might take weeks.

In contrast, now with the accessibility of email, you can email a letter to someone almost instantly. And with Instant Messaging (IM) technology, you can be in touch in real-time.

Moreover, with the current speed of globalisation, the rise of the two great economic powerhouses-China and India-and the increasing connectivity of the world, the marketplace is moving much faster than ever before. Products are getting obsolete within months, instead of years. You can imagine why Speed is becoming a critical ingredient to achieve success.

The cliché is true! It is no longer about “the big eating the small”. It is about “the fast eating the slow”.

Unfortunately, most people still don’t seem to realize the changes that are taking place. In a rapidly changing world, it’s very dangerous to hold on to ideas or philosophies that are no longer relevant. A lot of entrepreneurs still believe in the obsolete business philosophy of “slow and steady”.

The “slow and steady” philosophy comes from Aesop’s fable “The Tortoise and the Hare”. You probably have heard of the story when you were younger. You might even believe in “slow and steady”. If you do, STOP! Remove that thought from your mind forever right now. The story was meant to teach the moral of being focused, consistent and determined. It wasn’t meant to say it’s OK to be slow.

In this day and age, I’ll put my bet on the hare anytime. Today in the business world, being slow means a certain death. To succeed you have to be “fast and steady”. You have to work faster and smarter.

If you move slowly, the market conditions will have changed by the time you even decide to take your first step. The destination would have changed. You will need to adjust your first step to get to the new direction. BUT by the time you do that, the destination would have moved yet again… You find yourself forever trapped in your first step, helplessly watching others whizzing by attaining bigger goals with fatter profits.

Almost a decade ago, visionary entrepreneur Bill Gates wrote the book “Business @ the Speed of Thought”. Even back then he foresaw the importance of speed in business. However, speed is not only about using new technologies. It is about having the right mindset and strategies that will support you to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Is your business set up for that — Speed Profit? Or are you short-selling yourself?

Now it’s a good time to re-strategize and set your business and yourself for speed success!