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What Your Corporate Messaging Says About Your Firm

We live in an age of constant information bombardment. At every step of the way, your stakeholders are fed a continuous stream of facts, rumours, and advertising. During such times, it is essential to pay adequate attention not only to the kind of corporate messaging that you engage in, but also how it will be perceived. A corporate messaging strategy, in its essence, is the way the leadership of a company talks to its stakeholders. The correct messaging can go a long way in establishing your firm’s position and building your corporate reputation. Creating a strong and positive corporate messaging strategy should be one of the cornerstones of your corporate governance strategy. Some tips to follow to craft such a strategy are:

Be Honest and Transparent:

No one likes to feel like they are being made to pull the wool over their eyes. This is especially true for your stakeholders. Any corporate governance advisory will be sure to recommend that you are always as honest and transparent in your communication as possible. There may be crises and you may make mistakes, but how you handle them is what counts in the long run. How you talk about issues and discuss your plans to address them can not only establish your firm as an upright one, but speaks volumes about its leadership as well. So you need to make sure you’re saying and doing the right things – something good corporate governance consultants can help you achieve.

Be Consistent:

Consistency builds trust and confidence. When your stakeholders know what you stand for and can blindly trust that you will keep your word, it is because they have confidence in your leadership. By being consistent in your communication you help to build a brand identity. Where your firm stands on different issues affecting your stakeholders also influences the perception of your firm. The worst thing you can do is to jump boats depending on what is the most popular sentiment. A great rule to follow for effective corporate governance management is to always follow up on any statements you make. If you promise that action will be taken, ensure that it is done. Your corporate messaging should not simply be words pronounced to assuage your stakeholders but be backed by swift and definite action.

Remember, every bit of communication you make goes into building your firm’s identity and creating either a negative or positive perception. Good leaders understand this and use it to their advantage. By being honest and transparent and most importantly consistent, you give your stakeholders a reason to trust in you, and by extension in your firm.