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Mini Budget, Big Impact: 4 Things You Can Do To Get Your Trade Show Exhibits Noticed

A trade show can be expensive! This cost can be worth it, but some companies still have problems coming up with the cash to attend. If you’re worried about getting your trade show exhibits noticed without spending a lot of money, here are four tips that you can do to increase sales, while still saving money.

Use A Small Display, Such As A Bannerstand

A bannerstand is an excellent way to show off your company if you’re working within a budget because a bannerstand can be an extremely affordable option. If you have a big display space to fill, it’s possible to use more than one bannerstand, alongside a table top display to create an eye-catching exhibit that’s affordable and portable. Additionally, because your displays won’t take up as much room as a traditional 10×10 or 10×20 exhibit, you might be able to share display space with another company. Just check to make sure they’re not a competing business — you don’t want to share your space with the competition.

Can’t Afford A Custom Designed Tradeshow Display? No Problem!

Many businesses worry that they can’t afford a custom designed tradeshow display, but there are other options. Many companies that design displays also offer rental units. These exhibits look just like a custom designed tradeshow display and feature custom graphics so that no one will ever know that it’s a rental unit. Another benefit of using rental units is that you won’t need to worry about storing your exhibits between events, which is a great thing if your company is short on storage space.

Invite People To Visit Your Trade Show Exhibits

One of the least expensive ways to get people to visit your trade show exhibits is simply to let them know that you’ll be at the event! It shouldn’t take any time at all to craft a quick email to clients to invite them to stop by and say hello. Also, if you have social media accounts, such as a Facebook page, Twitter account or a blog, make sure to post your attendance there too.

Also, if you can spare an employee, have them take turns walking around the event venue. By seeking out attendees and asking them to stop by, you can increase your visitors substantially.

Partner With Another Attendee

If there’s a company that offers complementary, non-competing products, ask if you can partner up! Ask them if you can put some flyers at their trade show exhibits in exchange for doing the same thing at yours and promise that you’ll direct customers their way if you hear the customer is looking for a product or service that the company provides. It won’t cost you anything and the benefits could be measurable.

These are four simple, yet expensive ways that you can increase your trade show exhibits’ visibility. Whether you’re a trade show newbie or you’ve attended hundreds of events, these five tips can help you save money.