Unique Money-Saving Restaurant Tips


Provided by Portabull, a refrigerator rental company

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What are a Storage Container and why its popular?


Whether you’re operating a large-scale enterprise or small company, commercial on-site storage containers can make your business operations much well-ordered. Not only that, storage containers are very convenient, flexible, and affordable space. That fills a broad variety of storage needs. It is used by a lot of industries you can envision, containers can hold up […]

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Is your Website Working?


A. The Basics Before launching into a new strategy it is important to examine why you have made, or are about to make, an investment in the internet. The first question to ask is “what is the objective your investment?” Do you wish to: o Enhance your brand o Have an electronic advertisement o Generate […]

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DVRs and Online TV – Is It Changing the Way People Watch TV?


Today, one in five households in the U.S. owns a DVR, up from one in thirteen households two years ago, reports a new study from Leichtman Research Group released October 12, 2007. Additionally, NBC Universal’s Digital Insights and Innovations Team (NBCU) reports that in May 2007, ten million unique visitors went to and watched […]

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Speed Profit – Can You Make Money Faster?


Can you make money faster? Can you double your income in less time? Can you explode your profits in the next few months? The answer is YES! In today’s market business success is highly dependent on your speed – How fast you can implement your ideas and create results. This means that you can easily […]

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How Customer Fear Can Undermine the Marketing of a Small Business and Cost You Sales


A key driver of a lot of people’s buying decisions is a fear of making the wrong choice. This leads to what’s known as “risk reduction” by the customer. You may have heard the term, “buyer remorse”; this is related. For small business marketing in particular this fear can create a major obstacle to selling. […]

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Spreading The Word – Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


When starting your own business, there is a lot to think about. By this time, your products and services are likely to be ready and offered to the costumer. The office will have been organised, stationary chosen and the accounts set-up and ready to be managed. But how do you make your target market aware […]

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Top 10 No-Risk, All-Reward, Hesitation-Busting Guarantees


The fear of making a mistake is a HUGE obstacle that keeps many consumers from opening up their wallets. That’s understandable. We all hate to be wrong, especially when it comes to making a purchase. Offering a guarantee of satisfaction means that there’s no chance that the consumer can go wrong. The idea of “risk […]

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The Power of High Voltage Marketing


Persuasion, seduction, negotiation, and fear have lost their effectiveness to clinch the deal, close the sale, and make cash registers ring. Whiter, brighter, faster, and better — while intriguing — no longer motivate consumers to act. Today’s savvy marketers are shifting strategies to more strongly connect with customers; they are harnessing the power of the […]

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