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Virtual Classroom: A New Way to Share Knowledge

A virtual classroom has a number of tools that help in learning. There are text chats present for the students to ask questions, a shared whiteboard to share information, surveys and online tests. This ensures that there are no geographical barriers to education and is available to both teachers and students. When in reality if a student misses out on a class, they can’t attend it again and learn from it. But this is possible for E-learning. Also trainings can be arranged quicker than in reality and sessions can be scheduled and held easily as traveling inconveniences are eliminated. Also, there’s a one-on-one interaction that is maintained between the teachers and the students and helps to learn. Also the study materials are made accessible to the learner to make learning easy.

The virtual classroom puts up online tests to test the learning skills of the students. These tests can either be created by the instructor or they can appoint companies such as Epitome Solutions to design the program so. Also since the shared documents are mostly PDF, audiovisual files, they enhance better learning.

The virtual classroom supports learning efforts as the curriculum can be accessed at all times. The assignments and tutorials are provided at all times to the students. Also for the assignments and homework’s, they provide web links for the sources. The works submitted by the students are reviewed quickly and efficiently. Also the progress of the students can be tracked and suggestions are given as to how to improve it. There are a number of group discussions provided to the students to partake in. The questions or queries are also solved through interactive chats, helping the students to learn better. Also the students sometimes have to make presentations to promote their knowledge.

Give your students timely, detailed feedback nearly in real time with straight-forward assessment tools. Create an online test with your own question. Then publish and share tests with your students for regular formative assessment, controlling who takes them, tracking how many times students attempt a given test, and getting reports or giving immediate feedback. And now, with new polling features, in-class dipsticking just got a lot easier

Quality courses require planning, preparation and dedication. Then there’s marketing to find students, and administration for signing up and scheduling. If you’re offering your courses online, there’s the technology as well, and you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Let Epitome’s tools help you design, manage and deliver compelling courses. We let you focus on teaching!