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Sticker Hologram With True Color Hologram

You can use hologram sticker for your product protection. It is widely used to counterfeit products that can steal your revenue. There are some types of hologram labels, one of them is True Color Hologram.

It is made from photography quality art-work. If the counterfeiters can not get the original photo, they will not be able to produce hologram like the original one. The hologram design is started with processing the artwork with special design software in computer. It produces output film and record the image onto glass master.

It has several optical layers with 2D holographic images. They are placed one another resulting in a 3D effect because the layers have different visual depth distance to our eyes. We can make 2D / 3D hologram from almost all kinds of design or logo. Each of them can be made in customized visual depth and parallax effect using several types of software. Lamination is used as the final finishing touch for the sticker. It brings more shining effects to the end-product with gloss varnish or dove effects with matte varnish.

Most printer offer free designing service to make sure that your products meet your requirements in design and outlook. It is also can be used to make changes to the design itself.The lamination process usually included as the final touch of the production process as I mentioned earlier.

Last but not least, you need to make sure they practice a good storage of the product. They have to cover and place the stickers in a normal temperature room to maintain the adhesive strength and outlook of the stickers.