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Why You Let Modesty Weaken Your Popularity Potential?

Everyone knows the feeling. It’s the feeling when you’re reading about one of your competitors in the press. Perhaps they’re revealing a business win or launching of a new product or service? And you think to yourself: but we do that all the time!

Why don’t people know about what you’re doing?

What’s stopping you telling people?

I think there are several answers to this one.

But one of the most fundamental barriers to this challenge was born many years ago in your life. Possibly as far back as your childhood.

We’ve all charged around in a play-ground shouting and laughing – only to be told:

“Calm down and stop making so much noise. No-one likes a show off!”

No-one likes a show off?

I’m not saying all you need to do is charge around a couple of play grounds and watch the PR results pour in. But I am saying that it ingrained in many of us to keep a lid on self-confidence.

Any Social Media fans around?

Only sharing your stories on social media doesn’t make them take off anymore because too many people are doing it and the noise is high.

Even some people don’t know how to do it the right way or play down their achievements so they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Also keep in mind that there is always a chance to harm or destroy your reputation online for your competition if they want to play it dirty.

But I have good news for you. For everyone who consistently has doubts about sharing their brilliant accomplishments because of that there’s a trick to cope with distributing your business news. Once you make positive headlines in the papers or TV shows, and share those on social media this train has left the station for good.

I want to encourage you and show you a great way to show off and enjoy the massive publicity benefits it can bring:

It’s called “Public Relations” and Branson shows us the way

Think about some of the most high profile business or celebrity personalities on the planet. I personally think about Richard Branson. Now there is a man who any fair minded person would agree is a grade one show off.

But do we think any less of him for it?

What Branson does consistently, and with some skill, is demonstrate his passion, authenticity and sheer enthusiasm for personal challenges and business success. And, in doing that, he creates irresistible stories that are shared far and wide.

Do you really think he’s a big head? Or do you think, there is a man who knows what he wants and gets it. And (importantly) he’s someone we’d buy from.

Just like on a lower level for Gary Vaynerchuck who turned his family wine business from a small business into a major player in the New Jersey area. He used social media to share his story to the world and in the process got involved in other ventures online.

But his popularity really took off once he was allowed to tell his story on the mainstream news media and TV shows that’s when his status went through the roof.

Now you could do the same!

So why do you wait to get your business news out to the newsrooms?

This post is your permission to show off!

Share your passion and stories. Celebrate your achievements. And enjoy the publicity!